Lesson plan: Final revision for national evaluation


Școala gimnazială Nr.1 Oțelu Roșu


Vela Adela Vega


a VIII-a B




Final revision


Final revision for national evaluation


revision and systematization


50 minutes

General skills:

  1. Identifying mathematical data and relationships and correlating them according to the context in which they were defined
  2. Processing of quantitative, qualitative, structural, contextual data contained in statements mathematical
  3. The use of algorithms and mathematical concepts for the local or global characterization of a concrete situation
  4. The expression of the quantitative or qualitative mathematical characteristics of a concrete situation and of the algorithms for their processing
  5. Analysis and interpretation of the mathematical characteristics of a problem situation
  6. Mathematical modeling of various problematic contexts, by integrating knowledge from different fields

Specific skills:

Development of the ability of exploration / investigation and problem solving

Operational objectives

  • to draw geometric figures correctly;
  • use calculation formulas in problem solving;
  • solve various problems using theorems, properties or definitions;
  • take logical steps in solving problems.

Teaching strategy:

  1. Methods and procedures: conversation, explanation, exemplification, exercise, problematization, learning by discovery, systematic observation, independent work, computer evaluation through online tests;
  2. Forms of organization: frontal, individual, in groups;
  3. Resources:
    1. materials: chalk, blackboard, textbook, problem collection, notebooks, laptop, overhead projector, mobile phones with internet connection, educational software (online tests with multiple choice items – made on the Kahoot platform);
    1. time: 50 ‘
    1. human: the students of the 8th grade B


  • By oral check
  • Verbal assessments
  • Systematic observation
  • Analysis of the answers received
  • AutoCorrect
  • Solving exercises and problems
  • online tests.


  1. National evaluation 2019, Gheorghe Iurea, Parallel Publishing House 45;
  2. Mathematics National Assessment, Marius Perianu, Club of Mathematicians;
  3. Manual for the 8th grade, Mihaela Singer, Sigma Publishing House;
  4. Mate 2000, Anton Negrilă, Editura Paralela 45;
  5. Mathematics curriculum, 8th grade, approved by order of the Minister 5097 / 09.09.2009.

Lesson conduct

Lesson stagesActivity contentDidactic strategy resources:Evaluation
Teacher’s activityStudents’activityProceduralMaterialClassroom management
1. Organizational moment (5 min)The teacher greets the students. Ensures silence and discipline in order to carry out the activity well. Note the attendence. Checks that all students have all the necessary materials on the desk. Prepares the necessary materials.They’re getting ready for class. They have notebooks, textbooks, and mobile phones with the Kahoot application on the desks.ConversationSchool register Notebook Textbooks Crayons laptop projector TelephoneFrontal IndividualVerbal appreciations
2. Capturing attention (4 min)-verifying and updating  knowledge The teacher appreciates and corrects the students’ answers -opens the test created on the Kahoot platform, at https://create.kahoot.it/details/evaluare-nationala-cls-8/3922bc29-da98-44dd-808a-bd68fc56dead  They answer questions   They pay attention to the teacher’s explanations and ask for any clarifications during the discussion. Students register as players on the Kahoot platform at www.Kahoot.itConversation Explanation Systematic observationPencils NotebookFrontal IndividualVerbal appreciations Systematic observation Analysis of the received answers Selfassessment
3. Communicating the lesson topic and operational objectives (2 min)Informs students about the lesson. Writes the date and the title of the lesson ″ Recapitulation for the national assessment ″ on the board Informs students about the main objectives of the lesson   We will try to remember the knowledge studied and apply it in solving exercises and problems. For this we will solve exercises according to the national evaluation model; we will solve it partially, within the available time.Students write the title of the lesson in notebooks.Conversation Explanationpencils notebooks chalk boardFrontal IndividualVerbal appreciation
4. Content presentation and learning conduct (30 min)Display  the test on your laptop,   Ask students to solve the exercises individually or in groups and then discuss any ambiguities on the board by helping them or asking the class to help their classmate   The teacher guides and helps the students to solve the exercises proposed on the online test, names the students who go to the blackboard and solves the exercises. The teacher asks students to state the calculation rules, theorems and formulas needed to solve applications.   – During the game, additions are made, the wrong answers are corrected, using the reports displayed on the Kahoot platform after each question.Students watch the questions and answer from the phones.   Students pay attention to explanations and then write in notebooks  
They  answer questions   Students pay attention to the exercises   Solve the exercises
  Online tests Explanation exercise Problems  Pencils Copybook Board Chalk Laptop Projector Telephone    Frontal IndividualVerbal appreciations Systematic observation Analysis of the received Answers Selfassessment Solving exercises and problems
4. Conclusions (8 min)– verbal assessments and highlights regarding the activity and behavior of students are made;   – the students’ test results are analyzed from the final report displayed by the Kahoot platform;   – identify the questions with the  incorrect answers and clarify the notionsStudents pay attention to explanations and then write in notebooks   They  answer questions   Students pay attention to the exercises   Solve the exercisesOnline tests Explanation exercise ProblemsPencils Copybook Board Chalk Laptop Projector Telephone    Frontal IndividualVerbal appreciations Systematic observation Analysis of the received Answers Selfassessment Solving exercises and problems
5. Homework (1 min)Communicates homework Exercises which contain problems similar to those solved in class will be dictatedWrite down the homework.ConversationNotebooksFrontalVerbal appreciations

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