Erasmus project “Colourful Numbers”: meeting in Romania

The third mobility of the project gathered all the partners at Școala Gimnazială Nr. 1, Oțelu Roșu, Romania. For five days teachers and students had the possibility to know each other better, to exchange ideas and opinions and create memories together.

The first day came with an international conference “The Benefits of Creativity and Active Learning” for teachers and, at the same time, with workshops for the students. While the teachers from each country presented aspects of the educational system in their country and methods of using creativity during the lesson and examples of such activities, the students participated in workshops where they could present and play the shape games that they had to prepare as a part of the project’s program. They were also involved in group projects where they could exercise their imagination and creativity. At the end of the activities we visited the building of the primary school.

The second and third days were dedicated to cultural trips in which both teachers and students had the opportunity to see some emblematic places in Romania. The first trip was to Hunedoara where everybody visited the city and Corvinilor Castle. We have also visited the ruins of the Roman Site at Sarmisegetuza and the marble factory at Voislova.

The second trip was to Timișoara where we have visited the Village’s Museum and most important places: the Cathedral, the Opera, parks and emblematic buildings.

On Thursday we continued with activities of the project. Romanian teachers Feil Heidi and Vega Adela prepared demonstrative activities for the students. During this time the project’s teams have reunited for discussions. After this everyone participated at the charitable exhibition with geometric toys, bookmarks and greeting cards using shapes. In the same room the exhibition of drawings that illustrated symmetry could be visited. One more activity was to play the logic puzzles/logic tasks and questions in Kahoot that each country has prepared. At the end of the activities we visited the building where the secondary school is.

On the last day of the mobility we gathered in order to compose the lyrics of our project’s song. After this we went hiking at Poiana Mărului to see nature’s beautiful mountain landscapes.

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