Last meeting of Erasmus project “Colourful Numbers”: Turkey

In the end of May had started the last international meeting of our project in Istanbul in Turkey. This meeting was quite special. Meeting was organized by Gulbaba Zeynep Yildirim Yatili Bolge Ortaokulu in Kilis, but the earthquake in February had changed our plans.

Due the security reasons our meeting was moved to Istanbul. We hadn’t got the base of hosting school and we was in one of the biggest cities in Europe. This was not problem for us and the programme of the meeting could be realised, as we planned, but with some differences and improvisation.

First day our programme had started with opening ceremony and presentation of the programme. Then we have continued with sightseeing tour in Istanbul, where we had visited for example Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia or the area of Balat with nice colourful houses.

Second day we had moved to the Adalar Island, where we realized the project activities. In the project was planned the sport games and the geolocation city game. Because the Istanbul is big city, we had moved this activity to this small island. In the morning we had realised geolocation game to visit all the interesting places at the island in shortest time and in the afternoon, we had got some competitions in cycling and swimming.

On Wednesday our programme continued by culture programme – visiting of Basilica Cisterns – magic ancient place, which could be known from Dan Brown Inferno or James Bond movie, shopping in Bazaar and in the evening the closing ceremony of our project.

Thursday was working day too. In the morning we have visited Topkapi palace, but in the afternoon was presentation of our activities, which we had prepared to Turkey – activity about health and lifestyle, where students had prepared their data and statistics about food, teachers had presented their activities for classes with topics “Math and everyday life” and “Math and other subjects” and at the end of the day was the last project meeting of coordinators with evaluation of the project and checking the tasks.

Friday was the last day of this meeting. Teams was leaving during the day and there was time for shopping and enjoying last hours in Istanbul.

The project is finishing now and we hope for other future cooperation.

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