Lesson plan: Ratio and Biodiversity


Istituto Comprensivo “Mario Bosco” -Lanciano-Italy

Subject: Mathematics

Topic: Ratio

Class: 8th grade

Teacher: Math Department (Barchi Giuseppe, Borrelli Giovanna, Francione Antonella, Giallonardo Tommaso, Mancinoni Ada, Pellegrini Giuliana)


n.1 lesson of 60 minutes


in accordance with the curriculum approved by  Ministry of Education

It is assumed that the students already know:

  • the rational numbers
  • the four math operations
  • the graphic representations
  • the concept of biodiversity

Lesson aim:

After the lesson the students will be able to:

  • calculate the ratio and in particular the percentage
  • distinguish homogeneous and not homogeneous quantities
  • know the pure number and the dimensioned number

The methods:

the practical method, the communicative method, the problem solving method.

Teaching aids: interactive whiteboard, computer, multimedia, tablets, smartphones, calculator.


Textbook : Vacca R., Artuso B., Bezzi C. – “Tutti matematici plus”- ATLAS ED.

Lesson procedures:

TimeTeacher’s activityStudents’activityRemarks after lessons
FIRST LESSON: Organizational moment (3min)Greets the students, checks the attendance.   Ensures silence and discipline in order to carry out the activity well.   Checks that all students have all the necessary materials on the desks.   Prepares the necessary materials. They’re getting ready for class. They have notebooks and textbooks. 
2. Capturing attention (5 min)The teacher: -stimulates the active participation of the students present trought brainstorming;   -checks and updates the previously taught knowledge;   -appreciates and corrects the students’ answers.Students partecipate and give answers.Analysis of the  answers received.
(42 min)The teacher shows a Powerpoint presentation.   SLIDE 2: Ratio and BiodiversityStudents listen. Systematic observation.
 SLIDES 3-4   Invitation to reflectStudents take part to the class discussion. Analysis of the  answers received.
 SLIDES 5-6   Ratio and the ways to express itStudents listen. Systematic observation.
 SLIDE 7   Invitation to reflectStudents take part to the class discussion.Analysis of the  answers received.
 SLIDE 8 Calculate the ratio between protected areas and area of AbruzzoStudents work.Solving exercises and problems.
 SLIDES 9-12   The pure number and the dimensioned numberStudents listen.Systematic observation.
 SLIDE 13 Practical activityStudents work.Solving exercises and problems. Oral check.
 SLIDE 14   Greetings!  

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