Game “Shapes” is board game, where players are solving geometrical tasks about shapes, which they could find on the cards.

Rules of the game

  1. The game is played by 6 groups (5 countries, each group has one pawn).
  2. We start at the field START and end at the field FINISH
  3. The first player to reach field 40 wins.
  4. On the board we have fields that take us back or forward (they are marked with arrows).
  5. Each field on the board has a card with task (cards are numbered according to the numbers on the board.
  6. If the group has solved the task right, they stay at this field. If the answer is wrong, they go back 2 fields. (The group no longer does the task from the field they did go back to).
  7. The answers to the tasks are on the card with answers.
  8. The group that first stand on the field FINISH wins.

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