The benefits of creativity and active learning

“The more a child has seen and understood, the more he wants to see and understand”.

Starting from the premise that “you must enlighten the child and not darken him with teaching beyond his powers”, the development of students’ creativity must begin with the formulation of instructive-educational objectives, and the cultivation of imagination must not be a secondary purpose, it must be included alongside the education of thinking and the formation of language skills.

In organizing a child- centred education, we become co-participants with them in the carried out activities. The use of interactive teaching-learning methods in the didactic activity contributed to the improvement of the quality of the instructive-educational process, having an active-participatory character and a real active formative value on the students’ personality.

As a conclusion, we can say that the purpose of using these methods during the lessons we develop students’ creativity and their motivation to participate in the act of learning and to cooperate in solving tasks.

By using interactive methods, the students developed skills which facilitated learning at their own pace, stimulating cooperation and not competition. The activities were attractive and could be approached from the point of view of different learning styles, becoming an eulogy for effective and conscious learning.

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