Gulbaba Zeynep Yıldırım Yatılı Bölge Ortaokulu in Kilis, TR

Our school, located south of the Turkey is in the small village of Kilis, Gulbaba. Since the school was founded by Zeynep Yıldırım, who could not have an education because of poverty, the school was named after her. Our school has nearly 450 students and 36 teachers, and also because of being a boarding school, we have a dormitory with capacity of one hundred students. The dormitory is being used by the students from other villages. Gaziantep and Hatay are the two major provinces surrounding our school.

Our city – Kilis

Kilis is located in the southern foothills of the Taurus Mountains in the west of the Euphrates River in the northern edge of the Syria Plain. The district contains areas of good agricultural land, watered by small rivers and 68% of the land area of Kilis is planted. The city in which traditional stone architecture is dominant, has an organic structure. The population was 85,967 in 2019.

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