Istituto comprensivo Mario Bosco in Lanciano, IT

The “Istituto comprensivo Mario Bosco” includes 3 schools: an Infant school, a Primary school and a middle school called “Giuseppe Mazzini”, from the name of an Italian politician, journalist, activist for the unification of Italy. In this school there are 52 teachers and 420 students from 11 to 13 years old.

It has got 4 entrances: the front ones are big and the ones on the sides are smaller. In the school we have a music room on the second floor, in fact often there are music concerts, because the students have the possibility to play several instruments. In addition to that there’s a science room and a computer room too.

Our city – Lanciano

Lanciano is a town in the province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo region in the centre of Italy. It has around 35.000 inhabitants and is located about 10 km from the Adriatic coast and 100 km from the mountain (Appennines).

Lanciano is a city with a lot of history, in fact is full of monuments in all the territory. A very important monument is “Il Ponte Diocleziano”, which was built in 3rd century. The Cathedral is in the main square of the town. Another important monument is the church of San Francesco. It contains the famous Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, which is an event that happened in 8th century.

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