Primary School in Nowa Sarzyna, PL

I work in School Complex in Nowa Sarzyna. The town is located between the Bieszczady mountains and the Roztocze National Park. Our school has about 519 students and employs 63 teachers. The level of education is from primary to secondary school. Our local authorities have decided to set up a new high school which is now united with a primary school (that is why it has been called a School Complex since September 2018). The nearest famous cities to our town are Sandomierz, Rzeszow, Cracow. Our school has a lot of students from foreign countries since many families came back from abroad and settled in our town.

Nowa Sarzyna

Nowa Sarzyna [ˈnɔva saˈʐɨna] is a town in Poland, with 6,187 inhabitants. The settlement has spent most of its history as a village, which in the 16th and 17th Centuries was plagued by frequent invasion by Tatars. The first buildings of Nowa Sarzyna were constructed in the late 1930s to house workers of a new chemical plant, built as part of Poland’s Central Industrial Region. The town lies on land formerly belonging to the village Sarzyna. City rights were granted in 1973. The chemical plant continues to function today as Zakłady Chemiczne “Organika-Sarzyna” S.A. and is the town’s largest employer.

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